Pete Brown

Pete Brown is a food and drink writer and broadcaster focusing on the fun stuff like beer, cider, pubs, chips and bacon rolls. He co-authored the award-winning World’s Best Cider with Bill Bradshaw, and wrote The Apple Orchard. A london-dweller for nearly thirty years, for him cider is an escape to orchards and the things that truly matter.


Bill Bradshaw

Bill Bradshaw has been documenting cider since 2004 and his iconic snapshot images are familiar to many all over the world, allowing him to write about, judge, and explore the world of cider like no other. Award-winning co-author of World’s Best Cider, he wrote Haynes Cider Manual, and believes his main mission in this area is to educate, document and connect.


Gabe Cook

The Ciderologist Gabe Cook is an award-winning, global cider expert attempting to change the way the world thinks and drinks cider. Industry consultant the independent voice on all matters cider, he is author of Ciderology and Sunday Brunch’s cider expert. Cider Director at The Beer and Cider Academy, he chairs numerous global competitions.

The Ciderologist


Susanna Forbes

Failing in love with cider and its community while researching drinks tourism inspired Susanna Forbes and her husband James to move to Herefordshire and set up Little Pomona Orchard & Cidery. Author of The Cider Insider, a proud member of the Three Counties Cider & Perry Associatoin and a regular on the judge circuit, she coined #RethinkCider.